Sponsoring the education of young girls across India

Save The Girl
The Need

“To be born a girl is a curse.” This is a phrase often overheard in India, where females are treated from birth as second-class citizens. This mentality contributes to higher abuse and mortality rates, lower education, and an increased risk of girls being sold into sex-trafficking. When a mother is ashamed of birthing a daughter, the cycle repeats.

Our Solution

We ensure that every girl in our program has the opportunity and the supplies to receive a proper education. By funding their education — and garnering the support of their families — we empower them to break the chains of poverty and sex-trafficking for themselves and for future generations. By living out the belief that every life is precious, we also teach them to value their own lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to put an educated mother into every household available to us, introducing generational change by empowering these women to escape the sex-trade industry. This change requires small, strategic steps. It begins with education and it ends with women living out the lives that God has for them.

Our Cost

$50 will fund the school supplies (books, backpacks, and more!) for one girl for one year of education.

Get Involved

Partner With Us

Pray: Pray for the health and well-being of the girl in India, and that God would bring us together with those who need our help. Pray for our continued funding of their educations.

Sponsor a Girl: Your donations fund this program! With $50 a year, you can ensure that a girl in India is equipped with everything she needs to become educated and stay out of the sex-trade industry.

Spread the Word: Let others know how they can help — together we can save the girl.


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