Vision and Purpose

Through a partnership of like-minded people, Reach India bears witness to the hope we have and shares this hope with the people among the rural unreached peoples of Southern India.

God’s call to India remains strong and His blessings to Reach India overflow.

clockThe Beginning

In 1988, while still serving as a dean at college in India, P.V. John experienced a great burden for the people in the remote villages in Southern India. He knew that there were people who needed to hear the message of hope in the villages. After a year of prayer and waiting, in 1990 P.V. and his wife Molly, began Reach India to reach the unreached millions in the villages of Southern India.

Through their dedication and a strong commitment to their faith, Reach India has grown to include a large staff in India and a staff of volunteers in the United States. As a result of these combined efforts, there have been many lives changed forever.

Construction of Service Centers

Spreading the Word of Hope and constructing service centers has always been our primary mission and top priority of Reach India. Our rural development workers visit small remote villages in the interiors of India, including many tribal villages.


Children’s Home

In 1988, Reach India started a home VR Palem, Nellore in Andhra for orphans. Initially, the home housed boys, providing them with a permanent home, food, clothing, an education and medical care.

In 2006, we also constructed a home for girls, and continue provide them the same care and benefits as we do the boys today.

Save the Girls

We partner with families who are not financially able to send their daughters to school. The program began in 2007 with 200 girls, and by 2020 had grown to reach 8,000 girls. Now we are reaching further.

The schools are very excited about having a stable enrollment and these families are blessed by the opportunity for their daughters to attend school.

pure-heart Medical Care

Initially, medical service was provided to a community in Remalle in Andhra. This work began shortly after Reach India was founded and provided the community with medicine and a doctor who comes to treat the sick. Through the years, thousands of people have received free medical treatment. As a result of this work, we were able to establish a thriving service center in this community and is still operating today.

With the partnership of F.A.M.E., we built a hospital in Gudlurivari Palem in Andhra in honor of Dr. Lewis Foster. Several medical camps are held here in addition to multiple villages to treat the sick. Through this work, we not only provide physical healing but also help the people to experience compassion and care from our God.

Widow Benevolent Fund

Many of the poor and elderly widows have no one to take care of them or to provide for their needs. Most do not have even one meal a day. Reach India has identified many such widows and provides them with the funds to purchase food and clothing. This work has grown to include hundreds of widows that are provided at least one good meal a day and a new sari every year.

Tailoring Schools

This program was started to support financially struggling families by teaching the wife how to sew. This program continues to allow women to gain skills to support their families. At the end of this three-month school, those graduating earn a certificate that gives them the opportunity to work in one of the many garment factories, earning money for their families. Prior to each class, we host a thirty minute session where we listen to the difficult problems they are facing and try to encourage, give advice, and tell them about the hope we have for the future.

Bore Wells

We are continuing the drilling of new wells in order to provide fresh and safe drinking water. These wells help to eliminate water-borne diseases that plague so many people in India. They also provide us the ability to earn the right to speak to the people of the village about the Living Water.

It also provides us the ability to earn the right to speak to the people about the hope we have to look forward to.

Disaster Relief

During floods and other calamities, Reach India provides assistance to the displaced people.

Sharing the Good News



Skills Training

The work of Reach India is supported by eight churches (see below) and by many individuals.

God’s call to India remains strong and his blessings to Reach India overflow.


Koinonia Christian Church
The Crossing Church
Hazel Dell Christian Church
Kingsway Christian Church
New Hope Christian Church
North Madison Christian Church
Roachdale Christian Church
Live Oak Christian Church
Gallipolis Christian Church


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