Continuing The Work

Like the rest of the world, India has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the country’s dense population and limited resources, recovery has been slow. This is especially true in large cities like Chennai, where our home office is located. Fortunately, our work has continued.

In April 2020, the government of Chennai called upon us to care for the city. Using the sewing machines from our tailoring schools, we stitched 700 masks and gave them to local policemen, healthcare workers, and widows… and that was just the beginning! Following the brief closure of our home office from May-July 2020, we began working once again to meet the needs of the people of India one blessing at a time. And we have not stopped.

You can read more about our COVID relief work in the timeline below. Check back monthly for more updates.

child sponsorship update

We were forced to close down our boys and girls homes in March 2020 for the safety of the children. The boys and girls have been sent back to their home villages until the homes can reopen. As far as we know, all of the children are healthy at this time! We are hoping to welcome them back soon — this decision will depend on when the government allows us to reopen.

Timeline of COVID-19 in India, and our response to it.

We are grateful for the opportunities God has given us to continue to care for the people of India amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Please join us in praying for our community, and for the ongoing work of Reach India.

December 2021 - February 2022

We continue to see COVID numbers drop and restrictions ease. We open 5 new tailoring schools, complete several big construction projects, and continue to hand out food and supplies to our widows and to others on the streets of Chennai. The government has not given insight into the reopening of our boys and girls homes. 

August - November 2021

With COVID numbers in decline, we are able to re-launch tailoring schools, dig bore wells, and begin construction projects that had been on hold since before the pandemic. We are able to meet with our widows in person once again to give them meals and to encourage them. We are also asked again to provide supplies to police and healthcare workers.

June-July 2021

The second wave of the virus begins to drop as aid floods in from around the world. After several months of our office in Chennai being closed, we are able to reopen and resupply our team. However, ongoing spread of the virus prevents us from fully re-launching all programs. 

March - May 2021

The state of Tamil Nadu experiences a resurgence of the virus. This second wave leads to more tight restrictions that resemble the 2020 spring shutdowns. In addition to the ongoing school closures that prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes, we also face obstacles to reopening our other programs. 

January - February 2021

The COVID vaccine is introduced in India and many of our staff members are vaccinated. We are able to dig 15 new bore wells and hand out food multiple times a week, but ongoing school shutdowns prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes.

November - December 2020

Ongoing school shutdowns prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes, and the monsoon season delays the digging of bore wells. We increase our COVID relief by handing out food on the streets of Chennai four days a week.

October 2020

Travel regulations ease and we are able to hand out food once again. We are also able to begin taking requests for bore wells. However, ongoing school shutdowns still prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes.

August - September 2020

COVID cases increase rapidly, spreading from the city of Chennai to the surrounding villages. Ongoing school shutdowns prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes.

May - July 2020

Nationwide lockdown continues, with strict lockdowns in the hardest-hit districts of Andhra Pradesh. Ongoing school shutdowns prevent us from reopening our boys and girls homes. Our home office in Chennai is closed from May-July.

April 2020

Nationwide lockdown continues. Government prohibits gatherings of more than 5 people. The government of Chennai asks us to distribute masks and food to policemen and healthcare workers.

March 2020

Nationwide lockdown begins. Closure of some businesses, schools, and colleges in India. School closures force us to temporarily shut down our boys and girls homes, but we are still able to distribute food to widows.